RIOT KIDZ have been around since 2011 and I saw them live during a past visit in Seoul. I really enjoyed the band’s pop punk sound because it was very reminiscent of pop punk I listened to back in high school. The Things We Miss is a three song single recorded in the last six months of 2014. The band seems to have go into hibernation while working on honing their sound and it shows.

riot kidz the things we miss

“Jamie” is a past song that captures the entire tone of the band. With vocals in English, it’s easy to hear the hooks in the song and start matching the rhythm. “A Week” reminds me a lot of Blink-182 in their Cheshire Cat or Dude Ranch days when the music carried a fast beat. One big change from the past songs I’ve heard from RIOT KIDZ is that the songs sound more precise. Guitar and bass riffs are easier to hear and the drums don’t overpower the music, but still make a presence.

“Almost There” is an acoustic song, replacing electric guitars for acoustic in the introduction, and more casual vocals. The three songs show different sides to the band and give more dimension. Past songs all had a very similar structure and the variety on the single is really good. The Things We Leave is also the calling card for the band to get more attention from prospective labels.

RIOT KIDZ have definitely progressed as a band and the single shows a matured sound while not removing the overall genre of choice. I think what RIOT KIDZ needs is a label that can help them grow and give feedback to craft a strong EP or album that can start and finish very strong.

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