Lucky You!, a collaboration album between famous producer Primary and singer OhHyuk (of the band Hyukoh), demonstrates synergy at its best. This is a fantastic EP that completely blew me away. The EP’s only downfall is that it is only 4 songs… Listening to this release will leave you wanting more!

프라이머리 오혁 lucky you

Although Primary is a pretty famous and popular producer, OhHyuk was someone I’d never heard of prior to this album. In fact, Hyukoh (the band he is the lead vocal of) is actually relatively new, their first official release having been in September 2014. The newness of OhHyuk strengthens the album, however, as his unique and soothing but powerful voice as well as his participation in the songwriting give a freshness to the style that Primary is most known for.

Primary has frequently stated in interviews that his goal is to make music that won’t go out of style, and won’t sound “old” even many years from now. While I can’t say for a fact what people will think of Primary’s songs tens of years from now, I certainly find that much of Primary’s music achieves his goals. The collaboration with OhHyuk just furthers Primary’s goals, as the songs in Lukcy You! are trendy yet definitely unique and also classic.

The EP opens up with “eTunnel,” the song in the EP with the most familiar Primary sound to it, which eases listeners into transitioning between the well-known Primary style to a slightly different feel. Next is “Bawling,” the title track of the EP. “Bawling” is fun song with groovy, R&B/jazz elements that shows off the strengths of OhHyuk’s voice. The third track, “Island,” is a song about loneliness, and therefore does have some heavier elements although simultaneously managing to be a fun track. The EP then closes with “공드리,” a song dedicated to Michel Gondry and featuring Lim Kim (김예림).

Lucky You! is an EP I can boldly say lacks nothing. All four songs are so unique and strong while also coming together in the EP so well. This is an EP that completely captivated me, and while it might not captivate every single person, it’s definitely a must-listen.

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