Gus Benevolent is the solo project from the lead singer of disbanded 99Anger. His voice is one of the most recognizable within Korean music. A Thing Called Tomorrow isn’t too different in emotion from his former band. There’s a bigger sense of melody brought forward by his voice and the distinct arrangements of each song.

gus benevolent a thing called tomorrow

“A Thing Called Tomorrow” starts the album with a simple melody through a guitar and strings. The vocals are haunting. They don’t have an exact harmony with the melody, but it’s through the emotion of the lyrics that suck you in. “How Can We Not” uses an electric guitar and full band sound with bass and drums. It sounds like an extension of 99Anger by using a reminiscent tone. The tempo isn’t that fast, but the snare drum’s hits on each beat give the song a pushing rhythm.

The album does have a lot of variety, not sticking to one strict style. “Thank You” is an acoustic song that sounds perfect for a mellow day. The simplicity of the song is what makes it so catchy. There’s no true hook, but the rhythm draws your attention. All of the songs on A Thing Called Tomorrow do have a lot of similarities to the arrangements of 99Anger’s slower songs and it’s Gus Benevolent’s voice that is the biggest draw. He has a specific tone and emotion on each of the songs that keep you listening. It is one of the cases where perfect harmony isn’t necessary to create amazing songs.

I didn’t know what to expect from the entire album, but Gus Benevolent had been releasing lyric videos showcasing the different songs. Reemerging with new music, it shows that he creates great music regardless of the genre. It would be interesting to hear the music both strictly acoustic and with a full band to see how different the songs can sound. I’m glad that he continues to make music because 99Anger were one of the first Korean bands that I heard and it helped spark my journey to find more music.

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