I’ve been watching The Fake Place on SoundCloud as songs were released here and there. I found the EP on Bandcamp and decided to listen to the final release. The place you’ve never reached is a mixture of different sounds and the band is now one person. Described as electronic, shoegaze, and ambient, I was interested in hearing the music.

the fake place the place you've never reached

The first song “Apophenia” describes the song well. The definition is “the tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful pattern between unrelated or random things.” The song comes comes off like that perfectly. It begins as a grouping of different small tones that create a distinct melody. Then when the song adds in percussion and another melody, each of the tones match different rhythms. “Life is a loop” is a more customary song with guitar, bass, and drums. Strictly instrumental it’s different from “Apophenia” while keeping the same theme.

“Light Red” is more of a standard ambient electronic song. All the samples and overlaying rhythms flow around each other. It’s a calming song even though the lower end bass elements push above other melodies. “The smoking room” follows the same style as “Life is a loop” by using live instruments highlighted with keyboard. It almost has a Jazz tone through the drum patterns. It does take a turn in the middle of the song with a off beat breakdown. The last song, “The place you’ve never reached,” reminds me of “Apophenia,” giving the EP a nice bookend.

The Fake Place have introduced two distinct overlapping styles on The place you’ve never reached. It’s an interesting listen, especially if you enjoy ambient or electronic music. It’s not quite the shoegaze style I’m familiar with, but the EP is solid.

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