Reported by 10asia, YDCT (Your Dreams Come True) is an independent distribution company with bands like Transfixtion and DickPunks under contract. Last month, YDCT representative, Kim, received an investment of 400 million won. He then disappeared with the money and has left bands under contract without the means to get paid.

ydct homepage

There’s not a lot of information about how many bands have been affected by this disappearance, but signed musicians are currently discussing options with each other about how to go forwards.

It’s disturbing the hear that one of the major distribution companies in the independent scene has essentially screwed musicians out of money for the sales of their work.

YDCT’s Twitter account (@ydctmusic) hasn’t had any activity since February 22 and any link connected to Facebook end in a “Post Not Found” error.

Source: 10asia

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