Some fans may be completely biased towards one grouping or the another, but I love both K-POP and K-Indie. As I grew to love them  I started to wonder, “Have artists, either solo or in groups, ever collaborated, or maybe ever will?”

After doing some research and being able to distinguish singers and bands, I have discovered that yes, there are collaborations! I always feel happy listening to music made by artists of both of the worlds and I am even more excited to share with you some of my favorites!

The very first K-POP/K-Indie song I ever listened to is Epik High’s “Love Love Love” featuring Casker’s Lee Yoong-Jin. Epik High and Lee Yoong-Jin’s voicing mesh so well in this song that it created a flawless masterpiece. Would you believe that this track was released back in 2007?

Another song that I absolutely adore is “Party Rock” by Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls featuring Gary of Leessang and The Koxx.  This song has a beat which will definitely have you wanting to party! With The Koxx sharing the chorus with Miryo and Gary’s voice rapping along to the beat, you will never want the song to end. I have always been a fan of Miryo as both a member of Brown Eyed Girls and as a former member of Honey Family.

The next song was very recently released and I am a huge fan of it. I can’t stop grooving to Mamamoo’s “AH OOP!” featuring eSNa. The girl group always has great comebacks and are known as having superb vocals. As for eSNa, she is a fantastic choice for this collaboration, because she not only features in the song, but also wrote and composed the song. I love this song because the lyrics describe “girl power” and is extremely unique and funky, too!

The last song I would like to share is “Love Actually (들었다 놨다)” by Daybreak and Sunny Hill. If you are a fan of Daybreak, you may notice that this song is a remake of their song of the same title released a few years ago. This version of the song has a bright and cheerful tone to it which is the best song to listen to when starting of the spring season. It is an adorable remake with Sunny Hill as the perfect addition.

I hope you listen to a song or songs that I have listed here. Like I said before, listening to K-POP and K-Indie together is truly the best of both worlds. I hope there are more collaborations between artists in the future. I am so proud of the talent South Korea has to offer, and I am so happy to have discovered it back in 2007. I hope to discover more songs like these and share them with you in the future.

First time contributor. I have been interested in Korean culture for a very long time and ended up falling in love with both Korean Pop and Korean Indie.