I received an email with the subject line “Music Submission from Seoul,” which is actually the least common subject I see. I was curious to know what band or group sent the email and I found out that it was Monkey Bars.

A “Korean American Hiphop Record Production Team composed of producers James Keys and Chase Bars.” That didn’t explain much about the duo until I saw this line and I got interested.

monkey bars

“we strive not for our personal accomplishments, but for the promotion of Asian American Music”

I finally listened to the YouTube video for “It’s You/Confessions” and found a great song. It has more in common with Western R&B and Hip-hop, than stuff I’ve heard from South Korea, but it’s got a great instrumental and vocal melody. I’m looking forward to listening to the entire EP and seeing what else Monkey Bars will do.

Monkey Bars on Facebook.
Monkey Bars on iTunes.

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