The last I heard of Pia was 내 봄으로 from 2013. They released a couple of singles in 2013 and a single back in March, but Pia’s full return is with a new self-titled full length. It’s great to hear the band and it sounds like they haven’t lost their original sound. It’s still a mixture of rock and slight synth accents, but pushes high energy.

pia pia

Even when there is screaming, like on “Her,” it’s not anywhere close to a hardcore sound. Not that screaming is bad, but it does sound like the band is really letting loose after being quiet for a couple years. The recording of PIA is solid and polished. It captures each instrument and the mix evenly distributes all the power. Pia definitely have a signature sound mixing rock, electronic, synth, and alternative styles. They remind me a lot of Japanese rock bands from mid-2000s in how the verse arrangements don’t always follow the standard format.

Listening to “Home” is shows the upbeat and slightly pop sound. But then “북서풍” is slower and has more electronic arrangements around each verse until the chorus. Pia know how to manipulate all their influences into interesting songs. Pia change it up again with “Storm Is Coming” by falling into hardcore. The distortion of the guitars and the heavy beating of the drums is accented by the vocals that jump from screaming to singing. It’s a nice mixture near the end of the album.

With the time between releases, I think that Pia could have been serving their time in the military. But Pia’s return will probably be the first introduction for a lot of people who didn’t know who they were. It’s great that they back because their unique sound is perfect for a lot of different fans. The ten songs of Pia are addictive and powerful which is probably better live.

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