The post-rock and shoegaze genre is one of the best in South Korea. But it is a little difficult to find some bands who play the genre. I found FauloCity through YouTube. Fuzzy Nation is pretty much everything that I enjoy about shoegaze and post-rock. It’s mainly instrumental, every instrument plays a part in the melody, and getting lost in the music is very easy.

faulocity fuzzy nation

“Ashtray” is the first song on Fuzzy Nation and is a lightweight song. It doesn’t really dive into exploration or experimentation, but follows the tempo with a recognizable end. “Do Androids Dream of Electric Guitar?” features both male and female vocals which brings the song out into a more recognizable arrangement. The vocals are slightly hidden under the instrumentals and only make appearances at certain points, but does add another melody to follow. There’s no aggressive feeling to the song and comes across clean and actually slightly indie rock-ish.

If there’s one thing with FauloCity that’s a little disappointing, it’s that most of their songs all sound the same. The band uses the same general structure with both a clean and distorted guitar, bass, and drums. The recording is clean and easy to hear, but it feels like there’s a rush to get to the end of the song. I would want to see a little more exploration and diversity in the songs because it’s almost there.

“Nest” sounds like a cross between indie rock and alt-country which is weird. It still uses a shoegaze style core, but wanders in a way that can make you confused. It does have one of the best melodies among the EP and I wish this was applied to more of the songs. “Big Crunch” is the most different song. It has the most post-rock elements and the biggest diversity of rhythms. In the order the songs are placed, it’s like the weakest to the strongest. I do think FauloCity are talented, but it doesn’t show everything until the very end.

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