Among the Korean bands that tour internationally, PATiENTS is one that frequents the UK. They previously toured during Liverpool Sound City and are heading back again. This time, they are seasoned, experienced and arriving with a new album, 18, to show off to the audience.

Since they’re heading back, I got the chance to send over some questions to the band and see how this tour would be different and the recording of their new album. PATiENTS’ bassist Sumin Jo answered the questions.

Patients UK Tour Poster

May 19 London, England @Korea Cultural Centre UK
May 23 Liverpool, England @ The Heineken Tall Ship Stage (Kaskelot) – Liverpool Sound City
May 24 Liverpool, England @ The Cavern Stage – Liverpool Sound City

In 2014, you played in the UK and Taiwan. As a seasoned band, do you think you’re prepared for this upcoming UK tour?

Absolutely! We’re always pushing ourselves to make better performances. And having already played in London and at Liverpool Sound City, things we’ll definitely be more familiar with how things work this time around. Right now we’re all resting up for our gigs in the UK. We want to try and get ourselves to 120%. Gigging abroad is a lot of fun, but it can put a lot of strain on your body so I think being at 100% is not enough!

Are there any changes you’re going to make for this tour because of past experiences?

We’re going to pack lighter! Last year we brought too much stuff and then we bought things while we were in the UK so we had to pay a lot of money for being over our luggage allowance.

Other than that, we won’t be making any changes. We’re really excited to be playing in London and at Liverpool Sound City again and will be doing our best to play really great shows in both cities – just like we did last year!
How was your experience playing in Taiwan?

It was really, really hot but a lot of fun! We definitely enjoyed our nights in Taiwan more than the daytime. During the day it’s so hot and my body didn’t deal well with the heat. Our last gig in Taiwan was an afternoon show as part of Beastie Rock Festival in Taipei and we were completely worn out after our set. We’d love to go back there again, but hopefully we can play at night! Nights in Taiwan are warm and great for hanging out with all the friendly people there.

If someone’s first exposure to Patients is with 18, what should they expect?

They should expect to encounter songs that will make them feel better.

There are previously released songs on the album, did you re-record them?

Yes. All the songs on 18 are new recordings. Some of the tracks are brand new and some are older songs that we’ve re-recorded as a bass-keyboards-drums trio. We studied and learned a lot about sound and other recording details when making 18 and because of that I think it made all of the tracks on the album much stronger – regardless of when they were written. We hope people enjoy what they hear.

What was the process recording of 18 like? Were most of the songs already composed when you entered the studio?

We recorded the album from September 2014 to April 2015. When we started recording, all of the songs were written except for “Spanking Jenny” and “High Level Darling.” Having those songs already written allowed us to spend more time concentrating on sound and texture in the studio. “Spanking Jenny” was finished in early 2015 and “High Level Darling” was finally completed in March.

Has anything changed with Steel Face Records? Are there any other records being released by the label this year?
Things with Steel Face Records are going well. Some bands we’ve worked with have broken up and other bands have joined. But everyone who has been a part of the label still has a good relationship with Steel Face, which is important. Last October, 100 Hundred Blossom Club released their first full-length album, Almost Blinding Blueness, through Steel Face Records. And we’ve got the new Patients’ album, 18, out now and a new Bad Trip EP will be coming soon too. Oh, and a new project band called Heynam Sin & Patients will release a single later this year on Steel Face Records as well. Some people may know Heynam Sin from the band Dives.

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