I’d seen a few YouTube videos of Bad Romance, but never heard a lot of their music until Leave A Trace. The band’s genre is modern rock and they really fit that style. It’s slower, almost ballad-esque rock music. The slow tempos let each verse linger as the vocals guide the songs.

bad romance leave a trace

Starting with “I Try,” Leave A Trace immediately lets you know that you’re going to listen to slower songs. The modern rock genre is kind of vague, but in small ways Bad Romance reminds me of early Nell. “싫증” is a little faster that “I Try” but still jumps back into a song that’s centered around the vocals. The band does a great job creating arrangements that have a lot of little flourishes to keep things interesting. The different instruments are all audible which is good especially for this type of music.

Instruments don’t overpower each other and I enjoy how the bass guitar isn’t just following the guitars. There are a lot of polyrhythms in each song so there’s nothing really repetitive. The single does start off with slower songs and “모든 게 끝난 그 후 (Remastered)” is the first more standard rock song. Bad Romance do love strong introductions and then falling into a simpler verse structure. It’s kind of their calling card.

If you like extremely melodic music, Bad Romance is perfect. They compose really excellent melodic songs that have a lot of emotion, not just in the vocals. It’s pretty easy to get sucked into their music. I do think they could use a little more variety in the types of songs, but with the limited five tracks on Leave A Trace, they do a great job of introducing themselves.

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