Electronic duo Cumeo Project recently released their first EP through the American label, Shoeboxx Recordings. The group describes their music as a mix between experimental-acoustic, downtempo, and chill wave. Promised Land is intelligent as much as it is sleek, with plenty of nuance to keep you captivated throughout its run.

cumeo project promised land

It’s easy to try to categorize an album like Promised Land as background music; the songs are purely instrumental, repetitious, and don’t have a clear narrative structure (most of the songs are just a slow, steady build that surges and backs down sporadically). However, Cumeo Project’s music goes beyond background music thanks to its compositional nuance. It’s heavily layered and full of intriguing rhythmic patterns that are dreamy enough hypnotize the listener, but crisp enough to keep them awake and listening.

My favorite track is “Photon Rocket.” It makes me dizzy with its confused rhythmic pulse; my ears can’t distinguish the on-beat and the offbeat from each other, creating a sonic illusion. None of the other tracks have such wild rhythmic tricks, but there is plenty of syncopation, notes tied across the beats, and pulses that are slightly ahead and behind the beat throughout the EP.

There’s so much for your ears and mind to explore in Promised Land. The atmospheres are immersive and the rhythmic intricacy is mentally engaging. This is a quality release and I’m looking forward to seeing what else Cumeo Project has up their sleeves.

Promised Land EP by Cumeo Project

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