The last I heard of WHOwho was from their 2013 single. Now in 2015, the band released Oh Yeah a 12 song full length. It reminds me a lot of Rock’N’Roll Radio and MAAN because it’s upbeat dance rock music. “Sincerely Yours” is a groove-focused pop-friendly dance track and serves as a perfect introduction.

whowho oh yeah

The band never lets go of their dance rock core. Every instrument assists in the groove that lives in the verses. The keyboards add an extra touch through different melodic accents. “Dance In The Rain” is a great example because even though each instrument is contributing to the overall beat, there’s individual exploration that fits like puzzle pieces. There are a couple of different recognizable styles with dance rock. One that’s more dance and groove and the other where synth and keyboards overpower the melodies. Thankfully, WHOwho know how to arrange the keyboards so they accent each song.

If you’re worried about not understanding the songs, Oh Yeah is sung in English. The great thing about these songs is that the English fits the tone each song without a problem. While the album is focused on a single style, WHOwho are able to create a good amount of variety between each song. There are only a couple of occasions where songs seems to bleed into another. I do enjoy how the keyboards are simply regulated into a side position and actually make a presence on most songs. “Meteorite” is the first song that slows down the pace and is really welcome.

With 12 songs, Oh Yeah runs almost 47 minutes. That doesn’t seem that long, but these song come across pretty dense. If you’re listening to the album, you may need a break because the band never lets up. From the single to the full length, WHOwho have honed their sound and released a polished album.

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