I don’t remember if I found The Plan8 through SoundCloud or Bandcamp, but I picked up 80X15 when I was searching for more electronic music. The EP is short, only at 17:24, but does provide a great listening experience. It’s the song “Fireworks” that speaks out after “There We Were.”

the plan8 80x15

To describe The Plan8’s music, the Bandcamp page says “deep house, electronic, nu disco, ambient, and film.” While I don’t know if nu disco is an accurate description, the other genres fit pretty well. 80X15 sounds like a collection of songs for a soundtrack. “Lucid Dreams” vocal sample combined with the low key synth melodies is a perfect laid back song. It’s deeply melodic and has a calming feeling through the entire length.

It sounds like it fits a lot of different scenes in any movie. That holds true for “Forever Young” as well. The song has a slightly different tone, a little warmer, provided by the background notes accented with a higher melody that adds a cutting between each beat. Even though the verses repeat, the song doesn’t drag. “The Way We Doubt” goes even lower. It uses the same ambient background with layers of samples and percussion to break the beats. “The Way We Doubt” is a wandering song, trying to find a direction but the journey is really interesting.

80X15 is a different example of electronic music. It’s not in your face with fast tempos and beats, but adds a more complex tone. Each song can easily sit on its own and while the EP should sound like it’s going in different directions, there is a strong cohesiveness to it all. I don’t know anything about The Plan8, but I do think the music is composed really well.

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