Back at SXSW 2015, The Solutions mentioned that they had visited Miami to work on a new EP. The result of that work is NO PROBLEM! It’s strange though because while NO PROBLEM! released in 2015, it actually sounds like it fits better between the band’s self-titled release and Movements. NO PROBLEM! definitely has a summer feel to it with a brighter and energetic sound.

the solutions no problem!

The introduction to the EP is “No Problem!” which is an instrumental track. It works well to introduce the different theme to the set of songs. “Love You Dear” is the single off the EP and immediately jumps out with a big melody and vocals by Park Sol. It’s a little different as well as lyrics are in both English and Korean which is different from Movements. It doesn’t detract from the song at all though. You’ll still hear the balanced vocals from Sol and Naru.

“Stage” sounds like a B-side from Movements, but since NO PROBLEM! has a transitional tone, it fits the EP. I think it’s interesting to hear the natural jump from English and Korean in a song. If anything, “Stage” feels like a closing song, the bridge is big and powerful. “Sing and Flow” fits Movements proper with a big presence of synth along with a quick tempo pushed by the drums. It’s a great party song.

The slowest song is “L.O.V.E” and while not slow enough to be a ballad, it closes out the EP perfectly. It has a calming tone and completes the arc of the entire EP. The last song is a Miami version of “Love You Dear.” I’m not sure what the version is supposed to mean, but it’s sung only in English. The mixing also sound a lot more natural like there wasn’t a lot of mastering to give the song extra power. If you listen to both versions, it’s easy to pick out the differences.

The Solutions released an excellent album with Movements. NO PROBLEM! is a excellent follow up that uses similar elements from their past two albums while pushing a great seasonal style album. NO PROBLEM! is definitely an album designed for the summer and the band has definitely succeeded. If you like The Solutions or well crafted rock music, this is an EP to get.

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