Time to jump back into introducing more Korean rock bands. If you missed Part One, I showcased some of the bigger, more well known names in the rock genre. Now it’s time to start highlighting slightly smaller bands and some other legacy rock bands.


If you like upbeat dance rock, Pavlov is perfect. Their live performances look like they play with a lot of abandon and the whole goal is to make the audience jump and dance with them. But you can’t deny their great songs or energy that is present on the album.


If you need a combination of hard rock along with slower melodic songs, 57’s self titled EP is perfect. The band went through a lot of changes before its current duo setup, but every song is explosive in its own way.


GOGOSTAR is a cross between rock and electronic music. The band has developed their sound over a lot of releases and they perform really well live. GOGOSTAR bridge and mix a lot between a rock sound with synth highlighting and adding to the melody of each song. Once you listen to the band, you’ll probably get hooked.

Apollo 18

Listen to any of Apollo 18’s releases and you’ll be blasted by a combination of post-rock, shoegaze, and a wall of sound. The band hasn’t released new music with each member working on other projects, but there’s a legacy that Apollo 18 has created that hasn’t been matched yet. Hopefully there will be new music soon.

Dead Buttons

Dead Buttons have made a name for themselves by attending and performing at Liverpool Sound City. Their garage, blues, and psychedelic rock combination resulted in a weird amalgamation of sound that gets inside your head. Whoever You Are is a concise and perfect introduction.


I haven’t heard much from 24Hours since their No Way Out EP and that’s kind of sad. The band plays a well crafted British rock influenced style that is a lot of fun. The band found their audience in Hongdae and could easily find a bigger one internationally.


The KOXX’s Access OK was one of the best albums of 2011. The band was really popular and it seemed they were on track to get really big. Then the band decided to fulfill their mandatory military service and were gone from music for a couple years. Now they’re back and it appears they’re prepping new music.

Be sure to check out these bands and prepare for more music soon.

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