It’s summertime, which means that suave, groovy R&B albums are rolling in. But PEEJAY‘s Walkin’ is likely to outshine some of your other summer jams not only by having style, but the smarts as well.

peejay walkin'

From the opening track, it’s apparent that Peejay isn’t trying to reinvent the RnB wheel. But what he loses in originality, he more than makes up for in songwriting and production savvy.

Walkin’s production is impeccable and makes the album shine. It’s brimming with nuances, is fantastically mastered, and has one of the tastiest, fattest bass colors you’ll hear all year. The different features – twinkling keyboard lines, bouncing bass, and swelling synths – gesture and converse with each other together with a liveliness that fizzes in your ears.

The album features a handful of R&B/hip-hop aficionados such as Jinbo, Beenzino, and Choice 37. Each add an extra splash of color to to Peejay’s sound, whether it be Beenzino and his nonchalant almost-singing or Jinbo and his Michael Jackson-esque bass-lines and rhythmic gasps. The album also has some jazz influences, not only in the samples but with the harmonies in the synth, electric keyboard, and bass writing.

Walkin’ is more than just a seasonal R&B album that loses its spark once the weather cools down. Peejay is convinced of his groove and brings it to life with remarkable detail and finesse. It’s a savory R&B album that is not to be missed.

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