I have never heard of Genius and I thought doing this interview would be a great opportunity to learn a little more about them. GENIUS is formed up of three men based in Busan, South Korea. They have a pop-punk kind of sound with a mix of psychobilly,  Hearing GENIUS’s sound has piqued my curiosity and I have discovered that they are both silly and fun, and extremely talented. I hope you will become a fan of them, just as I have.

Photo by Seunghwan Kim

Photo by Seunghwan Kim

Can you introduce GENIUS?

Steve: We were sent in robot lions by the Galaxy Alliance.

Il Du: Genius is good. Good persons i think.

How did GENIUS end up forming as a group?

Steve: To defend mankind from Evil.

Il Du: By God

What made you decide on your group name?

Il Du: Thinking and share opinions. And decide that name.

Lucky Mistake is your most recent release since your previous album Beaches early last year. What was the process like for creating this EP? Was it similar or did you try something new?

Steve: This time we played together rather than recording our instruments separately. It felt more comfortable and natural for me, actually. I never want to be alone with a mic. It’s worse than a mirror in the morning. Scary.

Chung Mok: Yangatchi and Birth, Choice, Death were both recorded in one room live. I wanted to do that again. Most of Beaches was recorded live too, but the drums were in a different room. Me no like. Thankfully, our friend 병규 has a practice space and doesn’t charge by the hour.

Il Du: Same roots different colors leaves.

How do you think your music sets you apart from other bands?

Steve: No other band’s music has allowed me to travel.

Il Du: They are good. We are good sometimes.

I listened to your albums and notice you sing in both English and Korean. Was your intention to reach out to international fans?

Steve: No intention of anything. I’ve been brainwashed by pop music into thinking lyrics must be end-rhymed and it’s kind of weird doing that in Korean. Ever paid attention to how Koreans play with that notion? I wish I could.

Il Du: Yes Maybe. But first we should be fun. So use english.

I find your album art very creative. Is it related to the theme of your album or is it random?

Chung Mok: It’s a photo from a trip to Hanoi. I thought about it when we needed cover art a week before our release date. Perhaps it was a random memory access, but it fits the theme for me. 김기조 from Boonga Boonga Records is responsible for the finished look. He Photoshopped the Hell out of it to make it fit the format. Or Illustrated it. I don’t know. Whatever he did, it looks good.

Any bands to recommend?

Steve: Say Sue Me, 3Volt, The March Kings, and Kim Tae Chun. Nice Legs is always interesting and I’m excited about new stuff from Chinese bands Hiperson and especially Yourboyfriendsucks with whom we’ll be splitting a release on Nasty Wizard Recordings very soon.

Il Du: Rain sounds.

Do you have any influences, or role models?

Steve: I’ve always looked up to the comic book hero WWII super-soldier Gunhands, AKA Hans Gunther. The fate of the world is in his hands. *CUT TO BLACK* …And those hands… *Sound of 9mm’s cocking* …are GUNS. *EXPLOSIONS + heavy metal plays*

Chung Mok: Glyn Johns influenced the way Lucky Mistake was recorded. He seems to have done well for himself.

Il Du: Johnny Cash. Ramones. Torment. Seam. Delgados. And more

Anything to say to the readers?

Steve: Thank you for listening.

Il Du: Be healthy always.

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First time contributor. I have been interested in Korean culture for a very long time and ended up falling in love with both Korean Pop and Korean Indie.