I browse Bandcamp on a daily basis to see if there’s any new music. That’s where I saw Cogason. The band plays a simple indie rock style and it has some elements that remind me of The Electric Eels. From Today is their four song EP and captures the essence of the band.

cogason from today

Starting with “Last Weekend,” From Today introduces an even tempo melodic rock song. It doesn’t push aggressively and moves from verse to verse very casually. The song, “From Today,” continues the same style. Vocalist and guitarist Wonjun Kim has a welcoming voice that blends with the rest of the band without any problems. These songs play in a standard 4/4 time signature and welcome the structure. You’re not going to hear any drastic polyrhythms, but that’s what makes Cogason an easy listen.

Even though Cogason stick to one style, they do mix things up with “Be My Everything.” While the song uses the same general structure, the addition of distorted guitar gives the song a bit more energy and there’s a bigger groove in the verse. The guitar solo adds a lot to the song with the drums and bass following along to maintain the rhythm. Cogason’s songs aren’t that long, but they sound and feel like they’re the perfect length to get the entire message across. Finishing From Today with “End of Season” is a mixture of previous songs. It has the grit from the distortion, but still keeps a very melodic base. It’s a great closer to the EP.

Cogason aren’t playing anything new with their indie rock, but they have a specific polish and style that is distinct. While they can remind you of other Korean bands, they are definitely unique. The four songs provide a great base and lead you to expect more from the band in the future.

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