There are two bands that I love listening to: Dead Gakkahs and The Kitsches. After impatiently waiting, the split is now available. My fondness of punk rock is only tempered by the difficulty of finding it. Dead Gakkahs and The Kitsches released their respective parts of the split on Bandcamp, but the best way to listen to the split is from beginning to end.

dead gakkahs the kitsches

Both bands contributed four songs each to the split and considering I’ve heard earlier releases by both bands, I can happily say that each one has improved. Dead Gakkahs’ “PARADOX OVER PARADOX” is as aggressive and insane as any song off their seven song EP. Overall each song sounds better recorded and captures more of the energy from all the members. This is the closest you can get before you need to see a live show. Even with four songs, Dead Gakkahs side runs short of six and a half minutes. But the talent and furiosity is there. The best thing about Dead Gakkahs’ portion of the split is that you can easily listen to it on repeat and get lost inside the heavily distorted guitars, pounding bass, and frenetic drumming.

On the other side, The Kitsches accomplish a different presentation of their style. It’s still hardcore, but a little cleaner than Dead Gakkahs. Vocalist Jae Hyun is easier to understand than Jeonn Juhl of Dead Gakkahs, but he has a similar attitude of presentation. The Kitsches’ “Life Cycle” is one of the best songs on the split, hitting its intense tempo and sitting there for almost a minute and a half. What I enjoy about The Kitsches songs is that even though they’re short, they complete the entire statement within the small track lengths. Sometimes songs seem off beat like “Sucks,” but The Kitsches are able to glue everything together. The shouting/screaming during the verses is easily heard above every other instrument, but thankfully each instrument is audible.

I enjoy both bands a lot and having seen them live once, I can say that these bands are special. If you like punk and hardcore, you can’t go wrong with Dead Gakkahs or The Kitsches. Even if you don’t know who these bands are, it’s a solid split showing off South Korea’s punk genre.

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