Korean Indie is a personal project solely financed. I don’t talk about personal information on the site unless it’s directly relevant to Korean Indie, but recently things have changed a bit.

I was laid off from my full time job in May and have been searching for a new job since. KoreanIndie.com was supported by my job to pay for hosting and other site-related costs. While it hasn’t been a problem to pay for site costs before, it’s becoming more difficult as time continues.


I wasn’t worried that much about getting a new position before, but it’s become increasingly difficult and fees are starting to add up. To offset some costs, I’ve started a two Teespring campaigns. The previous Teespring campaign was to let people buy the design, but this campaign is much more important.

The two products for sale are a tank top and a t-shirt in various colors. Both cost $15.00 before shipping and the money earned from the campaigns go directly to fund the site.

This campaign is going to help keep the site online. As the site continues to publish news, reviews, editorials, and interviews, hosting the amount of data is becoming more expensive. I’m hoping that my job search ends soon, but the buffer I have for site costs is shrinking fast.

If you like Korean Indie and what we do, please purchase a tank top or a t-shirt. It’s the summer so you can always use a new one.

The two campaigns will run until August 10 so please share with your friends.

This campaign isn’t about growth or projects, it’s about keeping Korean Indie online.

Thank you,


Korean Indie Editor-At-Large The person in the background watching over everything.