From the first song on Remi‘s Like A Virgin, “니꺼할래 (Feat. K.O.K),” you get a sense of R&B with a tinge of electronic. But as you move through her six song EP, Remi showcases how her voice fits on different styles with ease. Like A Virgin is a comfortable and calming release that’s great for the car or sitting around the pool.

remi like a virgin

“웃기지좀마” leaves R&B and wanders into her described indie pop style. There’s still a strong groove, but the chorus is a strong melodic hook. The instrumentals sit under her voice, but it’s easy to get drawn into her voice. She turns again with “Dejavu” which is a acoustic ballad style song. It’s all about simplicity with guitar supporting the rhythms of her voice and a simple drum track keeping time. Remi’s voice is smooth and flows from beat to beat without much effort.

Eager for another change “다이어트송” is a upbeat indie pop style that’s brighter than “웃기지좀마.” The arrangement is really cute and a perfect summer single. Then yet again on “다시 찾아온 봄,” Remi combines styles and presents a light and melodic ballad track. The song never seems to stress Remi’s voice and she stays within comfortable ranges. But across each song, Remi’s voice is able to conform and succeed at each style. “나에게만 특별했던” is Like A Virgin’s final song and doesn’t present anything different. The strength of Like A Virgin is Remi’s voice which works perfectly on every song.

Remi proves she can manipulate her voice to fit any genre she wants as long as it’s focused on a melodic arrangement. She provides a good amount of variety on her EP and the six songs are pleasant to the ear. It would be interesting to hear her push her voice a little farther, but if you need something light then you can get it on Like A Virgin.

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