With two years between Got Damn, Oh Album and Our Summer, it’s great to see that Burning Monkeys haven’t lost any of their attitude and style. The six song EP continues where the first EP left off, giving a broader and more powerful presentation. If there’s one thing about the EP, Burning Monkeys continue to polish their sound.

burning monkeys our summer

“She’s My Sunshine” starts the EP off with a diverse verse and chorus. The verses sound a little more laid back until the chorus where the guitars jump in to give the song more attitude. It’s a straightforward song, but introduces Burning Monkeys properly. “Can’t Stop It” follows a similar trend. Like “She’s My Sunshine,” “Can’t Stop It” has separate styles between the verse and chorus. While repetitive, there’s a different tone to the song. One great thing with “Can’t Stop It” is that the drums don’t focus on simply keeping the beat, but use different rhythms to break up the beat. The drums play a big part in the overall arrangement of the song beyond a simple 4/4 time.

The best song has to be “Lucky Song.” It has great energy and sounds like the band has a lot of fun playing the song. Vocal and guitar Kim Ji Hwan‘s voice has a British rock feeling when he’s singing. His voice skips along with the beat and has a lot of enthusiasm. Thankfully, Burning Monkeys do show some variety with “Sing Along.” The chorus might follow previous songs, but the verses love sticking to a very simple arrangement. This allows the song two distinct styles within the same song. “Summer (Interlude)” is a 17 second throwaway until the final aong, “Our Summer.” The slowest song on the EP, it’s also the one that has the smoothest delivery. There’s a lack of guitar distortion that’s common on their other songs, giving “Our Summer” a very clean tone.

Burning Monkeys have a distinct rock style and they’re polished it on Our Summer. It’s definitely a great EP for hot weather and is focused on easily digestible rhythms and melodies. The EP is cohesive from start to finish and show that the band knows how to compose solid songs.

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