With a title like Merry Summer, I expected a bit more power from Rocoberry. The EP starts with “Merry Summer” which is a pitch perfect melodic indie pop song. It’s light and simple and pleasing to the ear. There’s really nothing standout about the song, but it does introduce the rest of the EP.

rocoberry merry summer

“디저트 송” does add a little variety with a different drum beat, but the focus of the song is Roco‘s vocals. They use the tried-and-true light and melodic style, never straining itself over the instrumentals. It melds with the melody really well and simply follows the tempo. Roco’s voice does break up the rhythm a bit, but strays far from eighth notes. If you’re looking for a coffee shop style song, “괜찮아, 청춘” is the one. It uses piano and acoustic guitar for the foundation and Roco’s voice is mixed to almost match the volume of the instruments.

“달 그림자” is like an OST song. The violin over piano instrumental flows really well. It reminded me a lot of a song used for a wide shot when a character is travelling. The final song, “새벽에 내리는 비,” closes the EP with a minimal guitar and vocal track. It has a quality that makes it seem like it was recorded outside on a door step. It highlights Roco’s voice and has a slightly melancholy tone.

If anything, Merry Summer portrays a slow summer day. In some cases, it’s kind of boring. But given the right mood, Merry Summer can fit perfectly. With a title like Merry Summer, I expected more energy from Rocoberry.

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