If you like Kernelstrip or Saebyeok, then you should definitely be interested in SINE. SINE is the collaboration project between both musicians. If you’ve heard the music from each musician, then you know that they have distinct styles. Hearing the collaboration, it’s possible to hear the melding of styles together.

That said, the release is only one song – “Oblivion.” So the only way to get these two to make more music under the SINE name is to buy the single and essentially force them to make more music together.

You can also bother them on Facebook.

If you’re not familiar with Kernelstrip or Saebyeok, take a listen from their Bandcamp pages.

Saebyeok on Facebook.
Saebyeok on Twitter.
Saebyeok on SoundCloud.
Saebyeok on Bandcamp.

Kernelstrip on Facebook.
Kernelstrip on Twitter.
Kernelstrip on SoundCloud.
Kernelstrip on Bandcamp.
Kernelstrip on iTunes.

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