I have a lot of fond memories of Sugar Donut. Their older releases were great pop punk albums. Each release showed more progression into rock rather than pop punk and when the band released Say Yes in 2010, they disappeared. Returning in 2014 with Double Minus, the band had left some of their past and reemerged as a rock band. 2015’s Polyverse is a bit retroactive. Polyverse calls back to their origins to present a solid and fun release.

sugar donut polyverse

The band is still focused on creating melodic songs and “마법의 순간” is a perfect example. It actually has a lot of similarities to songs from SugardonutS, an album from 2008. “기적의 노래” could easily be considering a pop punk song if the tempo was increased by about 60 beats. It has the perfect arrangement for that style, but the slower tempo that Sugar Donut uses allows the song to persist longer. It’s almost like a pop punk ballad.

While I liked Double Minus, it didn’t grab my attention like older releases, but Polyverse brought back a lot of memories from my exploration of Korean pop punk. If you like the pop punk genre, Sugar Donut is a great band to listen to for the style. Polyverse definitely shows that the band has grown up in both age and experience, but they’re still able to capture the feelings they had when they were younger.

Polyverse is a welcome return to old memories. Even if you never heard of Sugar Donut before, it’s another example of the talent and variety of music within South Korea. With ten songs, it’s the perfect amount to hear and play on repeat.

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