Released in 2014, Mimi Sisters어머, 사람 잘못 보셨어요 came and went through my playlist really quick. I never got a good chance to listen to them. Their 2011 EP, 미안하지만… 이건 전설이 될 거야 was a combination of a lot of different styles mixed with a throwback 1960s style. But with 어머, 사람 잘못 보셨어요, the duo have polished their sound and presented a more fluid and cohesive album. “나랑 오늘” starts the album and sounds much cleaner and focused with the style the pair are presenting. It’s a upbeat, swing-style rock song complete with brass to give it a big bang sound.

mimi sisters

But the album really gets started with “택시로 5분.” The introduction starts with a repeating verse that sets up the whole song. The use of drum samples breaks up the songs rhythm and allows Mimi Sisters to play around. The descending triplet vocals work especially well. They even jump into alt-country with “낮술” to show that they’re able to use their voice on any style they want. 어머, 사람 잘못 보셨어요 is an album full of songs in different genres. That’s the biggest strength. It allows Mimi Sisters to explore and adapt their vocals which wasn’t the case on the 2011 EP.

But even with the different styles, Mimi Sisters are able to apply their signature vocal style to any song. With two lead vocals, they harmonize well and use each voice as a separate instrument. This allows songs to have multiple vocals that play off each other. “잠복근무” is the closest song to anything from 미안하지만… 이건 전설이 될 거야 and the slightly darker tone somehow still sounds upbeat. It’s a simple song composed of the vocals, guitar, and a bunch of synth samples.

Mimi Sisters are like a sibling to The Barberettes. Both take reference from older 1960s styles and while The Barberettes play a more direct interpretation; Mimi Sisters freely experiment and explore. I should have listened to the album sooner because there’s a lot of great songs.

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