There’s something wonderful about really DIY quality recording especially with punk rock. The not-quite-perfect audio captures everything raw and gives a lot of perspective into how the band actually plays live. Dead Chunks self titled album follows this trend. Ten songs, ten and a half minutes later, and you’re done with the release. While not the exact same genre, Dead Gakkahs also accomplished this with an amazing EP.

dead chunks

If you like punk rock in its pure, trashy, and loud form, you will really like Dead Chunks. Fond of the three chords, rasping bass, and loud drums, Dead Chunks continue the core of the style by getting to the point of a song and then moving on. It’s funny because the song that past one minute like “Kill the rich” actually feel too long compared to other songs. The lack of soundboard polish is what makes this set of songs shine. I like how you can hear slight mistakes or off time hits. Even the vocals are difficult to hear and that’s totally fine. Among the songs you’ll also get a Dead Kennedys and Doom cover.

After listening to more complex music, hearing Dead Chunks is like a cleanser. It’s direct and to the point. There’s not a necessity to repeat the chorus after the bride, if there’s even a bridge; it’s verse chorus verse end. I’m pretty sure this was recorded in one room with minimal takes and that’s the best way to do it.

Dead Chunks are another example of how great punk rock bands are in South Korea. It’s difficult to find them, but there are a ton that really capture the spirit and style of early days when it was more about attitude and emotion than precise playing.

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