I used to listen to we hate jh pretty much all the time between their early EPs. I lost contact with the band in my playlist as time went on until I heard that we hate jh completed a full length. Before we hate jh was a single solo vocal and guitarist, but over time the band expanded and The Naive Kids is the culmination of the past couple years. It was actually weird listening to The Naive Kids and we hate jh because I’d moved to a lot of electronic music and this album is much more natural.

we hate jh the naive kids

we hate jh could be considered a standard rock band if they used electric guitars. But the band uses distortion-free guitars which gives the music a slight calming tone. I can imagine if plugged into pedals, we hate jh would sound similar to other harder rock bands. But this technique allows we hate jh to capture your ears by using melodies. Vocalist 박미워 has always impressed with his singing. It’s not powerful in the sense of power ballads, but his emotion makes listening to each song fun.

But coming back to we hate jh, I found the first few songs not as interesting as I remember the band being. It’s about midway through that the album really finds its stride. “이유없는 외면” is different from earlier songs because it’s focused on 박미워’s voice, kind of like early releases by we hate jh. I think with the time I haven’t listened to we hate jh, I lost touch with their specific style. It was one the second run through that I really started getting back into the band again.

The Naive Kids is an excellent album. For fans waiting for a full length, this will please your ears. For new listeners, you may wonder why we hate jh is good considering the music isn’t that much different from other bands. But listen to older release and you’ll hear the progression we hate jh has gone through. I don’t want to call this an emo album, but it does remind me of early emo bands from the 90s.

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