Silica Gel‘s Pure Sun is only four songs, but from the “Intro” they make it clear they’re going to make an impression. The intro song sets the tone of the rest of the four songs. It’s cosmic in a way, something you’d hear in an planetarium. The music is calming and interesting, leaving you wondering where it’s going to go next.

silica gel pure sun

“Hrm” starts with a minimal guitar line with drums keeping a simple tempo on the snare drum. Then when the synth slowly adds more melodies the song expands dramatically. There aren’t any big crashing crescendos, it’s the constant layering that make “Hrm” fun to hear. There’s definitely a feeling of wandering as the song continues. When the song decides to reach a climax, it sits there during the last third of the song. It’s a mix of all the instruments with the guitar and drums becoming the most audible. The synth assists in expanding the soundscape until there’s a gradual lowering of the volume.

“II” features Nahm Sangah from 3rd Line Butterfly. The song is an example of how well vocals can work with Silica Gel’s music. The song is just as atmospheric to “Hrm,” but creates a bigger presence through its complex rhythms and louder volume. There’s still a lot of music to digest with each instrument pushing a rhythm, but overall it seems to center on Sangah’s voice. Ending the EP with “Sister,” there’s also vocals included, but it’s a more upbeat song. It’s less shoegaze and more a mixture of post rock and psychedelica. “Sister” is a fitting song to end the EP with.

Silica Gel are filling another spot within shoegaze and post rock. There aren’t a lot of well known bands and any band that plays the style are very talented. I’d definitely like to see Silica Gel live to see how their recorded music translates to a live show.

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