YUKARI has been one of Korea’s most impressive electronic musicians for a while. Her first LP, Echo, was not only stylish and groovy but extremely polished. She’s a well-seasoned producer, which makes her material truly shimmer.

yukari lass

In her recent single, “LASS,” YUKARI pushes herself a little further into experimental territory. Instead of incorporating a catchy, straightforward beat, she weaves scattered textures together such as a piano, bass, and distorted vocal spurts into a rhythmically uneasy web. The bass-line plays in quarter note triplets, the piano and vocal line is syncopated, and the light vocal and percussive spurts jerk their muscles on random beats. All of these elements come together to create a raw, unpredictable sound world.

The single isn’t worn down by strong beats or too many textures, and takes on a sparse, elusive quality as a result. To enhance the effect, YUKARI sings “LASS” in a whisper. Her voice is distorted and distant even in her wailing verses. She shows restraint in knowing that she can’t be too bold or else she would shake this dreamy sound world she’s created.

YUKARI does a great job at creating a savory musical dreamworld with this single. She proves to have great command not only in electronics, but also in atmosphere and color.

L A S S (Single) by 유카리(Yukari)

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