I listened to Bye Bye Badman‘s Light Beside You a lot back in 2011. Then news came that the band was joining Glen Check‘s Basement Resistance. Then in June, Authentic released. Comparing Light Beside You to Authentic is difficult. There are similarities, but Bye Bye Badman in 2015 is definitely different. That’s not a slight at all, but they’ve definitely taken more cues from Glen Check for the album.

bye bye badman authentic

Authentic is a summer album. “Young Wave” makes that very obviously with it laid back tempo and groove focused melody. It’s a great song that fits any lazy day. Then “So Far” continues that theme. I think a lot has to do with how much the low end on each song is presented. The drums sound programmed with the bass drum hitting perfectly while mixing with the bass notes. The keyboards are the icing on each song. It acts as the primary melodic instrument. The guitar doesn’t sit at the top of the mix and sometimes gets lost among the other synth in each song, at least until the bridge.

I do think that Authentic will get a lot of comparisons to Glen Check. While Glen Check is much more electronic dance and Bye Bye Badman is electronic rock, there’s a lot of elements that are common with both. Even though Authentic is 11 songs, it actually sounds like one long extended mix. There are standout singles like “Island Island” and “Invisible,” but if you start from “Young Wave” and listen straight through, you may have problems hearing distinct songs. But I think that’s a talent for the band. Making an entire album sound like one cohesive song and it not getting boring or repetitive is excellent.

If you listened to Bye Bye Badman in 2011, you will notice a big change in their sound. If Authentic is the first introduction, you’ll likely enjoy it a lot. It’s an album that demands repeat listens and if you’re enjoying a lazy day then this is the album to have in the background.

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