I know nothing about Xiami. I came across her on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, but didn’t really understand what type of music she played. I decided to listen to No Sunshine Into The Ground and see what type of electronic music she played.

xiami no sunshine into the ground

Honestly, I’m still not sure what exactly Xiami’s style is. It’s tagged as electronic, ambient, and experimental and I definitely agree. It’s also got an industrial feel. The three songs on the single are weighed very differently. “A day in the hole” is over 13 minutes long with the other songs at 3:24 and one minute. “A day in the hole” is also like drone music depending on where you are in the song. It’s a song that has different chapters and decides to change at random intervals. You’ll get a low, kind of muted section and then the song starts adding different samples and transition into a different song. There’s a lot of bareness in “A day in the hole” even when there’s music happening.

Ambient and drone music is still a genre that I’m not that deep in, but I can see how people enjoy the music. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of “A day in the hole,” but I also feel that some people might get bored of the music or lack of, kind of quickly. There’s a definite need for patience and direct attention required to even attempt to understand what’s happening in the audio. “A day in the hole” is a very dense song, not even considering the song length. There are multiple perspectives in each section.

The other two songs are a bit more direct. “Blood smell” reminds me of horror game Silent Hill. It’s full of pulsing and repeating tones that doesn’t follow conventional forms. I don’t even think you can find a verse in it. You start the song and just ride along. “Gaseum” is similar, but uses a different set of samples. It’s a little more aggressive than “Blood smell,” but is still able to confuse you while listening.

I can appreciate the work that goes into creating these types of songs. It’s not just dumping samples in random places. But in trying to understand the music, I’m still a far way off to really understanding the genre. For me, ambient and drone music is hit or miss. There are songs that I can enjoy and others that I don’t understand. In the case of Xiami, No Sunshine Into the Ground isn’t enough music to really understand her perspective. It’s interesting, but you probably need to listen to other tracks.

Xiami on SoundCloud.
Xiami on Bandcamp.

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