Love X Stereo have been hard at work the past year. We Love We Leave Part 1 was a reintroduction of the band with a bigger and polished sound. It featured a lot of older Love X Stereo songs and hinted at what was coming. Their single “Hide and Seek” is another preview of what should come on We Love We Leave Part 2. I’ve heard the song performed live before and it’s a change from older songs, but shows a definite step forward.

love x stereo hide and seek

“Hide and Seek” is less frenetic energy and a more concise and determined attack. With a slower tempo, it highlights the instrumentals and the multiple layers of guitar, synth, and drums. Annie‘s voice pushes the song forward. Her melodies are, as always, consistent, but on “Hide and Seek” it’s less about pushing a melody and more about creating atmosphere.

The addition of the floor tom adds an extra rhythm that works along the drums which as opposed to just keeping the tempo add more to the song. I like when the drums are considered more than a metronome and add to the overall flow of the song. “Hide and Seek” as a single is more a great preview rather than a lone track.

The second song is a remix by J-Path, who the duo worked with on “부끄러워요 (Bu-kkeu-reo-wo-yo).” The remix of “Hide and Seek” sounds a lot different. It sounds much more 80s electronic than the original song. It’s also a more danceable song in its translation. As opposed to the original, the bass is pulled back a lot which loses some of the energy of the original. But the remix does have a more upbeat tone. J-Path’s remix is fun, but I like the original much more.

I’m patiently waiting for Love X Stereo’s We Love We Leave Part 2, which should have a full set of new songs to compliment their polished sound. I’m not sure when it’s releasing, but I’m sure that it’s going to grab a whole new audience who missed out on earlier releases.

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