I’ve been listening to Ggotjam Project on and off. The duo’s music is melodic ballad mixtures focusing on EZ‘s voice over Geojung‘s arrangements. The start of Look Inside with “Mr. McClain” is a simple introduction and pretty much tells you everything you will hear throughout the rest of the album. I do enjoy Ggotjam Project, but it’s not a style that I can listen to whenever I feel like.

ggotjam project look inside

It’s not a slant to the duo, but my own personal preferences. I believe the duo is very talented. Geojung’s arrangements are well crafted and EZ’s voice is probably one of my new favorites. Ggotjam Project love strong melodies provided by both the instrumentals and EZ, “Dream” is a perfect example of that. It’s also my favorite song because of its ballad style. I think the one issue is that with this style permeating so many of the songs, the variety is muddled. “그대는 어디 있나요” is different adding a different tone with acoustic guitar. It breaks up the flow of the album, which is needed.

It falls back to comfortable themes throughout the rest of the album. Like a lot of indie pop or ballad music, it’s easy to lose track of the songs and they can flow into another. This is also the case with Ggotjam Project and you have to make an effort to listen to each song individually. It’s definitely a perfect album for genre fans.

Ggotjam Project crafted an excellent melodic indie pop album. It displays the talent of both members perfectly. But if you’re looking for an album with more variety or faster tempos, you probably won’t find it here.

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