Lucia‘s Light & Shade Chapter 1 released last year. The EP contained seven songs digitally with an extra track only on the CD. While Lucia previously worked with Sentimental Scenery on older albums, her solo work has shown a lot of progress in her songs and voice. Light & Shade Chapter.1 sounds like she’s comfortable with her voice and where it can go.

lucia light & shade chapter.1

Her vocals are versatile. She’s able to go into higher octaves, but she is also able to produce a very warm and melodic voice like on “Be Mine.” On this EP, she focused on a ballad style. The instrumentals support her voice and focus your attention. Even though she’s using a ballad style, the songs don’t drag or get boring because of the tempo. Also, she does hit some indie pop references like on “WHO.” I like how Lucia is able to apply her voice to different styles.

While ballad music can get boring, Lucia is able to keep a great variety within the genre. The songs have a different theme and feeling which makes it easy to enjoy. Over the years, I did think Lucia’s voice didn’t hit its potential, but on Light & Shade Chapter.1, it really sounds like her vocals are at their peak. She’s a powerful vocalist and that shows when she’s holding a note or simply moving from verse to verse.

With the EP title and Chapter.2 recently released, it will be interesting to hear the difference between the two parts of the album. Lucia is a great vocalist and she’s proving she has the ability to maintain interest through these songs.

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