We Are The Night‘s 별, 불, 밤 이런 것들 packages the band’s previously released singles into an EP. If you were expecting the same energy as you heard on their full length, you may be a little disappointed. The songs on 별, 불, 밤 이런 것들 pull back the tempo and produce a paced tempo.

we are the night 별, 불, 밤 이런 것들

“Air Balloon” starts the EP and kind of moves at a casual pace. It keeps a constant melody that never reaches a crescendo. It’s like the band was more concerned with polish on the song rather than boundless energy. “Tiramisu Cake” also follows this design, but this song does have a bit more energy. We Are The Night are known for their use of synth in songs, but it’s pulled back a lot. The song still uses a bit of keyboard, but it’s stripped out a lot. “Drive” is probably the closest to the songs on their full length. “Drive” is like the transition between the full length and the EP. If the tempo was faster, it would match their previous release.

I wonder if 별, 불, 밤 이런 것들 is meant to be a transition as well. While the band’s first release had tons of energy, the songs all followed a similar track. With 별, 불, 밤 이런 것들, the band could be trying to explore more possibilities. “Star, Fire, Night” is probably the best song. It’s a one-off acoustic song. The synth accompaniment next to the acoustic guitar combined with the tempo focuses on the vocal line and melody of the song. Overall the songs are a weird switch from what the band performed before. The songs are still great, but the different energy can make you think something is lacking.

We Are The Night compose good songs. It’s the different level of energy that makes me wonder what the next release the band will comprise of. 별, 불, 밤 이런 것들 could be a recharge to show that the band is able to use their talents to make different kinds of songs. But We Are The Night are still best when it’s over the top rock songs.

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