Flash Flood DarlingsVorab and Tesoro is one of the best electronic albums this year. Release back in February, it was a surprise among other electronic releases and showed how much variety exists in the genre. Vorab and Tesoro Remixes takes songs from the album and are artfully translated from a set of excellent electronic artists. The remixes don’t cover the original themes of the tracks and give another perspective on them.

flash flood darlings vorab and tesoro remixes

Soohyuk‘s remix of “In The City” doesn’t really change the song that much, but adds a more apparent melodic line that’s a little harder to hear in the original. It’s an excellent song in both the original and remix form. “The Deep Dark” is remixed by Flash Flood Darlings himself. It retains a lot of the same rhythms, but adds a softer melody. It’s interesting to hear the original artist go back and make another version of their song to hear the result.

Cabinett‘s remix of “Runaway” also retains a lot of the original. The remix is a bit more dance-friendly without changing the song too much. There are two remixes of “Saturday Night Road Trip.” One by KIRARA and the other by Bacty. I’m really familiar with KIARA’s style and it comes through very much on her remix of the song. But it’s remixed in a way that highlights her style and the original song to not lose any of the original’s flair. Bacty’s remix is like an opposite of KIRARA. Rather than polyrhythms, it’s a much more low-key manipulation of tones and melody. I like listening to it when I’m walking. The last remix is by Saebyeok on “Byeol.” Like KIRARA, Saebyeok’s remix uses both styles in a perfect match. The original song was dense and heavy while the remix is a little lighter in tone. It focuses on the song’s vocals along with adding more passive layered synth.

The original Vorab and Tesoro is a great album. What the remix album does is highlight the strength of the original songs plus showcasing the individual talents of each remix artist. It shows that each artist has an unique style that they intelligently apply to each song without betraying the original.

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