If you’ve heard Eastern Sidekick before, you’ve probably been waiting impatiently for the band to release new music. Two years after Hammer Lane, the band has returned with Total Reflection. Eastern Sidekick’s rock style is, in a sense, a pure presentation of music. There’s not a lot of extraneous additions to the music and with a new drummer, Geunchang Park, the music is still presenting a pulsing and pumping album.

Eastern Sidekick - Total Reflection

Back at SXSW 2015, the band presented new songs but it wasn’t until October that they could be heard in album form. “식은 쇠” is a great single that highlights everything that makes Eastern Sidekick distinct. The arrangement of the song is based around the bass, drums, and vocals with the guitars adding a crunch behind each verse. While the band seems laid back in person, each song is filled with attitude. Total Reflection shows that the band wasn’t sitting around letting their talents fade over the past two years.

The great aspect of Total Reflection is the variety of songs. While Eastern Sidekick is great with the slower, beat-forward songs, it’s great to hear songs using a faster tempo that create even more excitement. Ten songs show off a lot of different themes and composition which make for a great listen from start to finish. Eastern Sidekick are unique and once you hear their music, you won’t think they’re another band.

Total Reflection is the best “comeback” album for 2015. The past two years of silence were disappointing, but they’ve shown with their new album, they can create some excellent music that’s only better when heard live. The energy that comes from the songs is magnified live and that’s the best way to hear Total Reflection.

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