Holy Hum sent an email announcing his new label Heavy Lark. The label is designed to be a platform for Holy Hum projects and likely will release music from other Holy Hum friends.

midnight music heavy lark

The first release from Heavy Lark is a collaboration between Holy Hum and Stephen Carl O’Shea called Midnight Music. The blurb reads:

Collaboration begins with intention. For years Andrew Lee and Stephen Carl O’Shea admired each other’s work with their respected bands; Andrew spending a decade recording and touring with In Medias Res/Holy Hum and Stephen with You Say Party. The two chose to come together and create new music that drew on the strengths they brought to their main projects. With Midnight Music the ambience and ephemeral elements of mood are combined with fuzzed out, lo fi and dancy rhythm.

Drawing inspiration from the cave-like jam spaces in which it was composed these 4 tracks are titled with names of caves from Canada and their respective heritages of Korea and Ireland. The album guides the listener through an experience perfect for long walks at night. Midnight Music is collaboration as it was intended to be; an exploration of the process through friendship and mutual respect for one another.

You can pick up the release off the website or Bandcamp.

The EP also has a cool 360 video for “Upana” that’s best seen with a smartphone or tablet to get the full effect.

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