2015 was an interesting year in music. A good amount of bands returned with new music, some bands went on hiatus, and there were a lot of new bands to discover. While 2015 isn’t entirely over, I though it was time to put in my picks of my favorite albums of 2015. This is a list of music that I listened to the most and doesn’t have any particular order.


57 : 57

Like most years, there’s a release that comes out at the end of the year and I basically miss it. With 57’s self-titled EP, it released in South Korea in October 2014, but wasn’t available internationally until December. Since I didn’t listen to it until the end of December, I consider it a late 2014 album. The duo is definitely worth keeping an eye on because they make excellent music.

from the airport you could imagine

From The Airport : You Could Imagine

I’ve known of From The Airport for such a long time. Since their first Bandcamp releases and finally meeting them a couple years ago, it’s great to see the pair finding success with their electronic rock music. You Could Imagine is the result of all the work that the pair put in before and is a sign that they have a lot more potential to make even bigger impact within and outside of South Korea.

wym After Moon

WYM : After Moon

I didn’t listen to WYM’s album until after Xtian reviewed it and I’m sad that I waited so long. His album is one of the best electronic albums this year. Thankfully I was able to see him live and hear how his album compared to a live setting and it didn’t disappoint. With the big variety that electronic music has, WYM is perfect for people who want more ambient and melodic electronic music.

ludistelo flashpoint

LudiSTELO (루디스텔로) : Flashpoint

The band’s second album was kind of a surprise because it came quickly after Experience. But the band didn’t disappoint and returned with an even bigger sound and a direct audio attack. Flashpoint showed that LudiSTELO wasn’t going to simply produce the same album again and pushed forward with a better album.

love x stereo we love we leave

Love X Stereo : We Love We Leave, Part 1

Granted, Love X Stereo’s We Love We Leave, Part 1 contains a lot of previously released songs, but at the same time marked a comeback from the duo. They’ve found their signature sound and continually polished it. While the EP serves as a new introduction, it’s obvious that We Love We Leave, Part 2 will be the album that defines the band.

flash flood darlings

Flash Flood Darlings : Vorab and Tesoro

Another electronic album, Flash Flood Darlings had one of the best albums for the genre. It’s complex and simple at the same time, pulling you into the music from the first track. There are a lot of interesting messages in the music and Flash Flood Darlings had shown he’s got a lot of talent that needs to be shown off at much as possible.

dead gakkahs the kitsches

Dead Gakkahs/The Kitsches Split

What better way to get introduced to two great punk bands than through a split. Dead Gakkahs and The Kitsches split contains some of the loudest and most aggressive music that I head all year and showed that punk rock in South Korea is alive. Even though you’ll get through the music in less than 20 minutes, you’ll love every second.

floating island parade

Floating Island : Parade

There’s simply something very appealing with Floating Island. The mix between electronic and indie rock and the balance between the two is pretty amazing. Even though Parade is just a single with three remixes, the song comes across perfectly. Honestly, listening to Floating Island is fun.

parasol 언젠가 그 날이 오면

Parasol (파라솔) : 언젠가 그 날이 오면

Parasol’s mix of rock, garage rock, and indie music results in mix that reminds you of Goonam. But Parasol are able to express their own voice on the album. You don’t really know what to expect when listening the first time, but 언젠가 그 날이 오면 is able to suck you in.

trampauline marginal

Trampauline : Marginal

It had been so long since Trampauline released any new music that I thought the band wasn’t around anymore. But then when Marginal released, I found myself very happy. Their electronic style has its own voice and the trio make some of the best melodic songs combining electronic and instrumentals together. You might have thought Trampauline were a new band, but they’ve been around for a while.


howaho (호와호) : Unknown Origin

The project band between Mohho and eeeho resulted in a great collaboration project. The way both musicians worked to arrange and produce these songs is impressive because it sounds less like a project and more of a band that I hope continues to make music.

the koxx the new normal

The Koxx: the new normal

It’s been a long wait for The Koxx’s return to music and the new normal is essentially what you would want to hear. The band hasn’t lost any of their signature style and using the album as their comeback shows that the band are prepared to push forward in a big way.

kim sawol suzanne

Kim Sawol (김사월) : Suzanne

While most people know Kim Sawol from her duo with Kim Hae Won, her solo album is something even more special. It’s not much different from her duo work, but the different tones and themes that come across make this album special. Considering how difficult it is for me to listen to folk all the time, Suzanne stayed around for a long time.

gus benevolent alexandria

Gus Benevolent : Alexandria

Gus Benevolent released two albums in 2015, but Alexandria is the album that you need to hear. The reason is that Alexandria is fueled purely by his voice and guitar. This presentation means that you hear every single thing in such a pure way. It’s probably one of the strongest albums of 2015 and it didn’t rely on a big sound.

I listened to a lot of electronic music in 2015 and enjoyed exploring the genre a lot. But there were a lot of excellent releases over the year that shouldn’t been missed. These are the albums that I continually listen to throughout the year. With a couple weeks left in December, there could be some latecomers who find their way on this list.

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