This has been quite the year for music. Unfortunately, I haven’t been as up-to-date with the Korean Indie scene as I would have liked to have been this year. I did, however, come across new bands and I consider that a success. There were even bands whom I love who released music this year and that makes me just as happy. The following is a list which I have compiled to show you what my top picks are for this year.

the koxx the new normal

The Koxx : a new normal

I am a huge fan of The Koxx. I can’t even explain the amount of times I listen to them on a daily basis. When I found out that they released an album, I was over the moon. It has been a long while since their last album, and with the members all together again after military service, we were once again welcomed with an amazing set of songs. They are just as incredible as they always are.

bye bye badman authentic

Bye Bye Badman : Authentic

You can’t go wrong with good old electronic rock. Bye Bye Badman is a perfect example. I came across them after hearing their song “Low”. I listen to them on and off, but have been listening to Authentic quite a bit this year. The album flows together well, keeping the listener hooked. This is quite different from their old style and I really commend the band for trying out something else.

from the airport you could imagine

From The Airport : You Could Imagine

I’m starting to realize I listen to more electronic styled music than I thought. From The Airport’s album is a mesh of everything you love together. It really displays a variety of style, yet tells you that this is indeed the From The Airport you know. You Could Imagine is at the top of my list as a favourite this year!

genius lucky mistake

Genius : Lucky Mistake

I actually discovered Genius this year. Chris sent me an email telling me about them and I ended up reviewing their album. I never really listened to what is deemed as “psychobilly.” The EP was very short, with three tracks, two of which were the same song of different styles. The reason why this EP caught my eye is because is because it offers a lot for how much there is. There is a lot of variety, even with the amount of tracks in this. Also, there is an English track which I really love because it attracts international fans. Lucky Mistake is an EP full of lots of talent.

love x stereo we love we leave

Love X Stereo: We Love We Leave Part 1

This album most certainly defines who Love X Stereo are. You can’t go wrong listening to the amazing duo. Each song was stuck in my head when listening to We Love We Leave Part 1. Every. Single. One. I feel so great listening to Love X Stereo. This is a perfect album which displays the¬†Annie’s and Tony’s specialties and talents.

norwegian wood lost

Norwegian Wood : Lost

I am at a loss of words when listening and even talking about this album. I discovered Norwegian Wood with this release and their song Please, Open stunned me. This song really took me off guard and instantly hooked me to the band. I absolutely adore Norwegian Wood. The instruments and vocals which come together are flawless. I can’t get enough of this album.


Guckkasten : Frame

Guckkasten never disappoints. This album is experimental, catchy, and masters at what they do. I really don’t know what to say about this band. They are absolutely incredible. With Ha Hyun Woo’s vocals, and the instruments in the background, you are hit with euphoria. I am always so excited about the complexity of Guckkasten and that is what keeps me going back to listening to their music.

I hope the love I have for these bands are shared by our dear readers. These are only a portion of the various artists in the Korean Indie scene. I hope that my list did a good job at introducing you all to incredible artists, and I hope you continue listening to them, listen to them if you haven’t, as well as check out my fellow writers’ lists. There are many more albums to discover!

First time contributor. I have been interested in Korean culture for a very long time and ended up falling in love with both Korean Pop and Korean Indie.