Instead of providing an exhaustive list of every album that I enjoyed this year, here are the four albums from 2015 that stuck with me the most: albums that I found to be particularly vulnerable, innovative, and exciting in Korean music.

Gongjoong Doduk

Gongjoongdoduk : Gongjoongdoduk

It’s a shame that this album has gone largely unnoticed, because it’s a treasure chest of jaw-dropping experimental folk compositions. I’m continually enchanted by the depth and virtuosity of Gongjoongdoduk’s music and the ease with which he expresses it. Simply inspiring.

flash flood darlings

Flash Flood Darlings : Vorab and Tesoro

Out of any release this year, Vorab and Tesoro was closest to my heart. Flash Flood Darlings offers a personal, vulnerable narrative that you don’t find often in an electronic pop context. And it doesn’t hurt that the album is elegantly produced.


Pony : I Don’t Want to Open a Window to the Outside World

I have never heard – and probably never will hear – an album like this. And that’s why I love it. Pony takes their raw, unabridged imagination and throws it into one album, resulting in a work that is simultaneously down-to-earth and absolutely wild.

young gifted & wack 3 little wacks


YOUNG, GIFTED & WACK : 3 Little Wacks

Round of applause for label YOUNG, GIFTED & WACK and all its dope artists and releases. So much gold coming from this community of electronic musicians.

Other Albums I Enjoyed:  


Sudachaengie : 349-17

P-Type : Street Poetry

E SENS : The Anecdote

Pento : Adam







































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