When I was in Seoul in December, I met up with Flash Flood Darlings, Changhoon, KIRARA, and Cosmos Superstar on a freezing night. We went to eat a late dinner when Changhoon let me listen to a demo track from Floating Island‘s upcoming EP. I was surprised at the difference between Parade. But after listening to Diving to the ground, I realize that this EP is what I actually wanted from Floating Island.

floating island diving to the ground

It’s not the excellent arrangements or Isle‘s amazing voice, but the combination of all these different elements together. “Imagine” is a perfect introduction because of it’s muted beginning. If you heard “Parade,” you might expect another upbeat and dance-friendly song. Isle’s vocals fit the song perfectly. It has a warm and welcoming tone and it’s easy to get lost. While the tempo is slower, the half time use of vocals and complex drums give the song two opposing points to hear.

“Diving to the ground” was the demo I heard and the finished product shows that all the smaller elements were waiting polish. It’s kind of the closest song to “Parade,” complete with Flash Flood Darling’s “Whoa-oh whoa-oh whoa-oh” backing chorus. Even though Floating Island use synth and electronic arrangements for the bulk of their songs, they still have a “band” feeling to them. It may be because the songs follow a standard verse to verse composition, but the result is always amazing.

With six songs, Floating Island is able to show off different styles that is only possible with more songs. “Parade” was an outstanding introduction, but Diving to the ground is more solid and impressive. “My Room, My Holiday” is one of the standout tracks because it has different themes for the verse and chorus giving the song a great dual edge. “Scene With You” is a melancholy song that lives in a lower tone. It never has a big crescendo and Isle’s vocals on the song really push it forward. The instrumentals give the song its entire structure.

The last two songs round out the EP and these are tracks that should be appreciated without any explanation. I liked “Parade” a lot, even just as a single with remixes. But Diving to the ground really shows what Floating Island is all about. The collaboration between all the members to ultimately produce great songs shows. I hope that they continue to make music together.

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