It seems lately that bands who released full lengths last year are returning with EPs. Hologram Film is following the trend with Cosmic Color. Last year’s Into the Wild was a dance-friendly rock album. On Cosmic Color, the band presents a more subdued side of the band, it doesn’t disappoint though because the band is still able to capture the same energy in a different way.

hologram film virgin forest

“Beautiful Ocean” is a slow paced rock song that brings a lot of imagery about a slow paced day. The song never drags and even though the song never reaches a crescendo, even during the guitar solo, it simply feels right. The vocals on “아무데도 가고 싶지 않았다” make it my favorite song on the EP. It’s almost a ballad rock song. The guitars and synth create the majority of the melody, but it’s disappointing that the bass is hidden. The mix of the song is focused on the vocals, where it should be, but it would be nice to hear more of the instrumentals. “Virgin Forest” kind of reaches into Glen Check‘s electronic style in the intro, but falls into a more acoustic theme supported by keyboards.

There’s a definite comparison to other electronic rock bands with the use of synth among the full band. This laid back presentation does still show that Hologram Film are great at composing songs, but it would have been nice to hear songs that were a bit bigger. “Higher” gets a little closer to the same sound of Into The Wild, but doesn’t go wild and sticks to the lower key feeling of other songs.

If anything, Hologram Film have spent Cosmic Color polishing their sound. They’re still a great electronic rock band favoring danceable songs and I’m sure these songs are a lot more energetic live. Hologram Film have a distinct sound and they present two sides with their full length and now the EP.

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