I’m a big fan of Big Phony. I’ve had a lot of chances to meet him in person and talk music and random things and I can say he’s one of the nicest person I’ve met. If you’ve heard his songs before, you know his singer-songwriter style is entrancing and draws you in from the first verse. Many of his previous albums have been recorded in very lo-fi settings while still capturing the emotion and heart that comes from his songs.

With his sixth album, he’s going to Kickstarter to try and fund a studio album recorded on analog tape and hi-fi gear. Considering how awesome his previous releases have been even recorded through his lo-fi setup, a studio album will be able to showcase even more.

Big Phony has over 70 songs that could be included on his next album and he’s released some demos of some of them. You can check out a selection of them on his Kickstarter page.

There are a lot of different rewards including digital downloads of his album, signed CDs, limited edition by SHO EYEWORKS, and up to a private acoustic show.

The money will go towards: recording 10 songs in 4-5 days, mixing for 2-3 days.

The costs have been broken down:

Studio/Lodge Rental 7 days/nights – $2700
Producer – $1000 min
Engineer (7 days @ $300) – $2100
Record to tape – $1035
Mixing – $600
Studio Musicians – $1000 min
Mastering – $1000
Graphic Design – $500 min
CD Replication (1000 CDs) – $923 min (For standard sleeve packaging)
Kickstarter Fees – $1100 min

If you like Big Phony, you should definitely support his next album. It’s a short two week window, but it should be possible with everyone’s support.

Support Big Phony’s Kickstarter!

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