I’ve seen some YouTube videos of Laybricks, but it wasn’t until I saw them in a club during December that I really got into the duo. Consisting of Kwangmin Seo and HyeJin Yu, the duo play live with only guitar and drums, but there is a backing bass track that plays along. I’m curious to know why Laybricks don’t use a live bass for their live shows, but the pair are able to grab a big audience.

laybricks take a rest

Take a Rest is a melodic rock album. It features five songs that mix between power ballads and dance-friendly rock tracks. Kwangmin’s voice is one of the most melodic that I’ve ever heard. It’s perfect for either style and his warm vocals show a good range especially on “Moon.” Considering the style of music, I enjoy the fact that HyeJin’s drums aren’t there just to keep the beat. She’s an impressive drummer moving through each verse with a strong, but subtle attack. Even in the live, she didn’t overpower any of the songs.

While it’s not heard on the EP, it was noticeable that Laybricks have a very set performance style. With the backing bass track, there’s little room for improvisation. Even when there were moments, it was clear these were programmed for the pair to engage the audience. I was surprised at the live performance and listening to some of the songs again on Take a Rest, it’s apparent that Laybricks have found a distinct style that caters to a wide audience.

Melodic rock fans will definitely enjoy Take a Rest. It has a lot of upbeat songs including “Make You Silly” and some slower songs like “From Me To the World” which will keep you interested as you wait for new music.

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