I am continuously searching for music and I have come across a duo by the name of GROSTO (Grocery Store) which is made up of members Loky Beats (Seo Hyung-Rok) and Smoothjam (Kwon Sung-Keun). Daily Food is their debut album which was released earlier this week. Last year they released singles “Closer than a Friend” featuring Kirin and “COKE & CIG” featuring Ja Mezz which have been included in the album.

grosto daily food

If I had to categorize Daily Food it would be placed in the hip-hop/r&b genre with a little bit of electronic mixed here and there. Personally, I am not a huge fan of this album. There doesn’t seem to be anything that “hooks” you, if you catch my drift. There were only a few songs that I can honestly say I like.

“COKE & CIG” is the title track on this album. It starts off with some strong beats and then the members proceed with rapping along with synthesizer sounds in the background. I decided to watch the music video to have a better idea of what this song is about, and it is about drinking coca-cola, which gave me quite the chuckle.

My most favourite song on this album would be “Weekend Love” featuring EVO. It was the catchiest song in my opinion. It was fairly upbeat and the lyrics had good flow, matching the rhythm of the song. It has a very early 2000s sound.

The other song I like is “졸업반 (Graduating Class/4th Years).” I am a growing fan of Hoody, who is featured in this song, and is a new addition to the AOMG family. What I look for in songs, especially hip-hop, is if the flow matches the rhythm, as I have mentioned in my paragraph about “COKE & CIG”, and this song is another one which I like because of it. I find that Loki Beats and Smoothjam really work well in this song. I am not saying they don’t in others but I find that in this song, the way they “rap” caught my attention.

I hope my opinion of this album doesn’t deter you from listening to it. It isn’t a bad debut album. If you are a fan of the genre, then I am sure you would like it. I’m sure GROSTO will become a great duo and find their sound. They will eventually find that one thing that brings them to mind when hearing it. Until then, I look forward to hearing what they release in the future.

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