The first single after signing onto HIGHGRND and the first single off of The Black Skirts’ upcoming 3rd album (which he promises will come out this year, although he has been promising that for the past few years…), Everything proves once again the musical genius that Holiday Cho (the sole individual that makes up the Black Skirts) is.

Although I fell in love with “Everything” immediately upon its release on January 29th, I hesitated about writing a review because this is a song that cannot be properly explained or reviewed with words — you just need to listen to it. In fact, if you haven’t listened to it, I suggest you stop reading now and go take a listen (or two, or three). No offense will be taken if you don’t come back to continue reading after listening, because “Everything” is truly an experience, and no words can do justice to the experience that “Everything” will be for each individual.

At first listen, you might be taken aback by the cluttered and muffled sounds. In fact, music critic 김작가 stated that he thought there was a problem with the sound system when he first listened to “Everything.” However, it is those muffled sounds, when combined with Holiday Cho’s melody and lyrics that form the unique, ethereal atmosphere and experience that “Everything” brings.

The foundation of “Everything” is a deep love song, similar to his previous single, “Hollywood,” but also different in that the love in “Everything” is more grounded, deep, and mature, while that of “Hollywood” is bright, fresh, and fantasy-like. I say that “Everything” is an experience, though, because listening to it launches you into a certain mood and sense of nostalgia. Not even necessarily for any particular event or person, but a unique sense of nostalgia that stirs alive a set of feelings that had long been stored away. However complex and convoluted this may seem, though, the message behind “Everything” is pure and simple: love is everything and everything is love.

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