When Dead Buttons released Whoever You Are two years ago, they presented a distinct and unique mixture of blues and rock. Now with Some Kind of Youth, the duo present a sound that’s definitely evolved and become more polished. Many people probably missed their original EP, but the new album includes re-recorded or re-mixed songs. The main difference is that the raw nature of Whoever You Are is pulled back a bit.

dead buttons some kind of youth

But Some Kind of Youth is still full of the same energy. “Nothing But You” is one of their standout tracks and it still comes across as a strong song, with added polish. The new songs like “16-22” do showcase a slightly more rock sound than older songs. Considering Dead Buttons is only a duo, the pair do a great job filling out every song with layers of melody and strong tempos. The biggest strength of the duo is their energy, which can be heard on the album and especially in a live setting. “Witch” still pushes the tempo and sounds bigger than the previous version giving more attention to Ji-Hyun Hong‘s vocals.

Equal attention is given to the instrumentals with the guitar and drums having equal footing. Rather than hide the drums behind the vocals and guitar, they are just as important in keeping the energy up. But an added bonus is that Dead Buttons are able to explore different styles like on “Useless Generation.” A slower, acoustic song, you can still hear the emotions that can be heard on Dead Buttons’ faster songs. The mix of the album connects the original EP to where the band is now.

Dead Buttons are a band that can grab any audience’s attention. It doesn’t matter whether or not the audience could understand all the lyrics, it’s the passion in the performances that connect to each other. Some Kind of Youth makes a statement and any rock fan will likely be drawn in quickly.

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